Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"one of these days" by barry manilow

barry manilow has a bunch of songs that pinoys are crazy about. but if i were to choose one, it will be this song. well, i also used to sing "somewhere down the road" or "if i should love again" with the rest of the country though. well, who wouldn't? it was, and still is i guess, like a mantra for the brokenhearted or the national anthem for the lonely hearts club. and even if you aren't part of those groups, you just can't help but to know those songs and sing with it. filipinos, as they say, are natural suckers for love songs. most of us grew-up to these kinda songs playing all the time on the radio, specially if it's a backtrack day, a mellow songs day, or a sunday. as for myself, i seemed to outgrow these mushy love songs as i got older and realized that i don't have to like 'em just because the rest of the world does.

even though growing older made me more individualized or unique, having my own style and taste, i still tend to listen to barry manilow. of course i don't really do that much, but there will always be a song or two that will always let me stop in the middle of whatever am doing and listen.

i don't remember if i was lonely or heartbroken when i first heard "one of these days." but maybe not, 'coz am sure to be much younger then. but anyhow, i guess that's also how i am. i get to like a song, even though it doesn't seem to have any particular connection to my life whatsoever. but then again, at times, it will suddenly have a meaning for me at a much later time. more of like a foreshadowing of some sort. or it can also just remain to be a song i just happen to like, nonetheless.

but i do remember a time when this song just popped on the radio and sent me to deep, deep thoughts with tears welling-up my eyes. and i said to myself, ya, "one of these days" i will be gone and i won't be there just like how i used to and just like how you are used to. till then, you will all see my worth and it will all be too late. ya, ya, i know... drama. but we all do have those "mala-teleserye" monologue moments, we are just too proud to admit them.

one of these days
one of these very ordinary days
you're gonna call my name
and i won't be there
after the days
after these very, very many days

you're gonna see the light
and i won't be there

and on that day
somehow i'll find the strength to stay away
i won't give in
i will not let myself be taken in... again
oh no my friend

one of these days
out of the blue you'll start remembering
and i won't care
'cause i won't be there

oh, and on that day
i swear i'll find the strength somehow to stay away
i won't give in
i will not let myself be taken in... again
oh no my friend

that's what i say
that's what i tell myself... i won't give in
so try it someday
and you'll see that i won't be there
no, you know, no, i won't

these day-eeya-eeya-eeya-aaa-aays
i -- won't be there
no, no, no i won't be there...

it's never that often that i hear this song, but each time i do, i can't help but to be teary-eyed. i don't know if it's just because am getting older that's why i easily cry or am really just a crybaby. it can also be just as simple as a reflection of having gone through some things in this life.

anywayz, although i still think that nothing beats the original, am also sharing nina's version of the song.


Anonymous said...

kakaiyak namn this song. hope everything will get better for you...

lorela said...

yes, everyone has their worth. one day, you will lose them, as I too will lose them.

but in life, sometimes, all we need is to lose something to know what its really worth. and then its up to us again if we want to regain what we have lost.

goodluck, and i hope you find what you're looking for.

LiQuiDfiRe said...

ya, maybe they have realized my worth kaya nila ako binabalik-balikan. hehe....