Monday, March 02, 2009

my eggs and my babies

a current addiction i have right now and that also bides my time is collecting eggs at facebook's "hatchlings." adik! as in! i just started last week but i already have collected 280 eggs and 46 hatchlings that i am taking care of. cute ones, i might say... hehe.... this is one of my favorites:

isn't he, she, it cute? hehe.... it reminds me of my own bunny, "twinky," at home. i would want to name it too, but i don't want to be unfair. coz if i name her, him, it... i should name all the other 45 hatchlings too. whoa! am gonna run out of names to give 'em and and i don't have all the time to think of names. nah! am just gonna content myself with having these cuties in my nest. hihihi!

collecting these cutie pies is kinda exciting coz when i find a new egg, i wouldn't know what's inside until it hatches. i would usually guess by how the eggs look. but it's also kinda hard to guess it right. i always get it wrong. like, who would guess that an egg such as this:

would have a hatchling like this:

look at those lashes! ahahaha! anyhow, i should get back to hunting eggs, so i can feed my hatchlings. yeah, they feed on eggs too. and i have to feed them, coz if i don't, they might run away. i haven't lost any of my hatchlings though. but i would sure do if i won't be able to keep up on feeding all of them. and am afraid that will be real, real soon.... :/


lorela said...

go, go, power eggs, go, go! LOL

LiQuiDfiRe said...

as in power eggs talaga?!? ahahaha! mag-facebook ka na kse para magka-power eggs ka na rin! ;p