Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mission "not" impossible

'guess mission impossible (theme, that is...) ain't that impossible with this kid...

nakakainis ka iho! ang galing-galing mo!

Friday, May 22, 2009

ikaw at ako pa rin ni rica arambulo

lagi-lagi na lang
'di maalis ang pagnanais ko
na ipahiwatig
ang damdamin ko sa'yo
at ako ang napili ng puso mo

oh ang nadaramang ito
magpakailanma'y hindi magbabago
tulad ng araw
tulad ng ikot ng mundo
tulad ng pag-ibig ko sa'yo mahal...

at kung ako ay mabibigyan
ng pagkakataong maulit ang lahat
ilang ulit ko ring isisigaw
tanging ikaw pa rin, sinta...
ikaw at ako pa rin...

tulad ng araw
tulad ng ikot ng mundo
tulad ng pag-ibig ko sa'yo mahal...

at kung ako ay mabibigyan
ng pagkakataong maulit ang lahat
ilang ulit ko ring isisigaw
tanging ikaw pa rin, sinta...
ikaw at ako pa rin...



at kung ako ay mabibigyan
ng pagkakataong maulit ang lahat
ilang ulit ko ring isisigaw
tanging ikaw pa rin, sinta...
ikaw at ako pa rin...

ikaw at ako pa rin...

kung meron mang nagpapasaya at nagpapatingkad ng mga lunes sa conspi, iyon ay sa tuwing tumutugtog si rica arambulo. alam naman nating patay na araw ang lunes sa karamihan ng mga bars na gaya ng conspi, kaya't isang magandang ideya na magkaroon ng "piano nights with rica arambulo" kung lunes. hindi man regular ang gigs ni rica tuwing lunes sa conspi ay mapapanood pa rin naman sya kahit isa o dalawang beses sa isang buwan.

sa galing ni rica sa pagkanta at pagtipa ng piano, hindi mapipigilan ng kahit sino mang manonood sa kanya na mapasabay sa kanyang mga awitin. maraming mga popular na kanta ang inaawit ni rica sa kanyang mga gigs, ngunit hindi lamang iyon sapagkat isa rin siyang magaling na kompositor. kahit hindi mo alam ang kanyang mga orihinal na awitin, siguradong isa sa mga ito ay tatatak sa'yo kapag iyong narinig. gaya na nga ng nangyari sa akin noong una kong marinig ang kantang "ikaw at ako pa rin." ang titik at musika nito ay nilikha mismo ni rica at nagmula sa album na may pamagat ring "rica arambulo."

mapapanood si rica ngayong lunes, may 25, sa conspiracy garden cafe, #59 visayas avenue, brgy. vasra, quezon city.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

from la union to vigan... (the heritage city)

to follow-up my last post 'bout my la union trip/vacation... i know, i know, it has been taking too long. but there's just so many things to do... i have a job and a life too. :)

well, there really isn't much to say but our supposedly trip to the haven that me and my bestfriend dreamed of didn't push through. i guess pagudpud would have to wait for some other time. the van we rode on, which is owned by my bestfriend's family, is not that much up to very long trips anymore. a trip to pagudpud will take 5-6 hours from san fernando city (la union). so, we just opted for a shorter trip to vigan. i didn't regret it though... vigan isn't a bad option. besides, it was my first time to visit ilocos, so why would i complain?

vigan is about 2-3 hours drive from my bestfriend's place. the travel time isn't that bad considering the nice scenery you will be passing by on the way. we tried to take pictures while on the road, but we missed most of the best shots or it's just that we can't get a decent shot. it's so hard to take pictures while in transit. besides, we were too engulfed in the beauty of the sights we were passing by that we forget to take out our cameras earlier. but nevertheless, the moment we stepped on to vigan soils, we can't help but to shoot... and shoot... and shoot!

the first thought that came into my mind when i saw vigan was that it was like intramuros, only way, way better. although intramuros has somehow preserved some of our very rich cultural heritage in the form of old buildings and houses, i can't say that it's the same outside of it. there were so many old houses and buildings that have been destroyed in manila to give way to new constructions.

i admire how vigan was able to preserve our rich filipino heritage by keeping the old architectural designs. my bestfriend said that it is a requirement in the city that when new business establishments are constructed, the old architectural designs must be retained and preserved. heck, i nearly didn't recognize mcdonald's there, if not for the big yellow "M" sign. even this popular american fastfood looks like an old spanish house. and to my surprise, i saw a familiar insignia on one of the buildings in vigan. i felt reminiscent looking at it since i was once an employee of its makati head office. i am talking about the CAP building, which looks very much different from its other branches. of course, it also has a spanish look and feel to it, blending nicely with all other establishments in the area.

since we arrived in vigan at around lunch time, we looked for a place to eat. there was one place my bestfriend was talking about but we couldn't find it, so we ended up at cafe leona. it's just a small, cozy restaurant near the heritage village. they don't only serve good ilocano food but the nice interiors of the restaurant would also nourish your artistic appetites.

after munching on some ilocano treats such as bagnet, diningding (which is an ilocano version of pinakbet), vigan longganisa, and some chicken at cafe leona, we proceeded to the heritage city where more shooting and a little shopping took place.

the heritage city of vigan is also much like the wow philippines tiangge in intramuros. you can buy local products ranging from food to crafts. although i never really bought anything for myself, i did buy one small remembrance for a friend. it's a miniature carriage-like swing made of wood. i chose it because i noticed that it is very typical to find one of these swings in the heritage village. i just don't know if it's also the same for the whole of vigan. in fact, tourists like to take pictures sitting on those wooden swings.

here are more of the pics i took at the hertiage city...

our trip doesn't stop here... but of course, i will reserve my story and pictures on the next installment of my la union - vigan trip post. :p

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

si cha-cha, ang peborit kong bulilit

i can't get over this advertisement that every time it's being shown on tv, i can't help but to smile, laugh, and say.... "awwww, ang kyut-kyuuuut!" hehe.... i bet you do too. i even found out a while ago that there's already a fan group/page in facebook called "bulilit," which was created for the cute little girl in the ad named cha-cha (which i found out from facebook too). of course, i added myself as a fan. hihi... :)

hmmmm.... ang sarap mo i-uwi bata ka! sana 'wag ka na lumaki... hehehe...

Friday, May 15, 2009

"snow on the sahara" by anggun

only tell me that you still want me here
when you wander off out there
to those hills of dust and hard winds that blow
in that dry white ocean alone
lost out in the desert
you are lost out in the desert

but to stand with you in a ring of fire
i'll forget the days gone by
i'll protect your body and guard your soul
from mirages in your sight

lost out in the desert
you are lost out in the desert

if your hopes scatter like the dust across your track
i'll be the moon that shines on your path
the sun may blind our eyes, i'll pray the skies above
for snow to fall on the sahara

just a wish and i will cover your shoulders
with veils of silk and gold
when the shadows come and darken your heart
leaving you with regrets so cold

lost out in the desert
you are lost out in the desert

if your hopes scatter like the dust across your track
i'll be the moon that shines on your path
the sun may blind our eyes, i'll pray the skies above
for snow to fall on the sahara

if thats the only place where you can leave your doubts
i'll hold you up and be your way out
and if we burn away, i'll pray the skies above
for snow to fall on the sahara

i was listening to rx93.1 last wednesday when i heard this song again. i haven't heard it for... god knows how many ages ago. and it was really good to be reminded of good ole songs i loved back then. well, i still do love it now. and thanks to the monster radio that i get to be reminded of nice songs of yesteryears. it's just so sad that i haven't really heard that much of anggun lately. or maybe it's just me.... hehe... am not that updated, you know.... :)

many will agree with me when i say that anggun kinda reminds you of our very own grace nono. not just about the looks, but also with the timbre of the voice and over-all style. i remember that i hear other people say the same things when anggun became a hit a few years back.

also, one thing that i so love about this song is the nice poetic lyrics. i don't know if all her songs are like this, since i never had the chance to buy the album (which i vowed to do the moment i first heard this song). if there are still copies available at record bars, i hope i remember to buy one. for now, am gonna try listening to her other songs at youtube.

according to the comments at youtube, where i got the video of this song, the original version of this song is in french. i was surprised 'coz i didn't know that this is originally done in french. and so i listened to it to find out which version is better...

now, i really wish i know how to speak french so i can appreciate it more. nonetheless, i love this version too, even though i don't understand a tad bit of it. :D and i just can't pick one between the two versions. i love 'em both!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

"home" by michael buble

another summer day
has come and gone away
in paris and rome
but i wanna go home

may be surrounded by
a million people i
still feel all alone
i just wanna go home
oh, i miss you, you know

and i’ve been keeping all the letters that i wrote to you
each one a line or two
“i’m fine baby, how are you?”
well i would send them but i know that it’s just not enough
my words were cold and flat
and you deserve more than that

another aeroplane
another sunny place
i’m lucky, i know
but i wanna go home
mmmm, i’ve got to go home

let me go home
i’m just too far from where you are
i wanna come home

and i feel just like i’m living someone else’s life
it’s like i just stepped outside
when everything was going right
and i know just why you could not
come along with me
'cause this was not your dream
but you always believed in me

another winter day has come
and gone away
in even paris and rome
and i wanna go home
let me go home

and i’m surrounded by
a million people i
still feel all alone
oh, let me go home
oh, i miss you, you know

let me go home
i’ve had my run
baby, i’m done
i gotta go home
let me go home
it will all be all right
i’ll be home tonight
i’m coming back home

sometimes, in life, we just want to go home. not just the literal meaning of it. at times it's more of going home to your own self. we want to be taken away from the busy, stressful world and the pressures of life. we want to find comfort, familiarity, love, rest...

i find myself in that kind of situation every now and then. nobody can be much too strong not to find time to take a pause. i have to have time to be just me as "me" and take even just a short time off from being "me" as daughter, or "me" as niece, or "me" as employee, and everything else there is.

maybe this is also why i love songs that talk about going home or simply just about "home..." i am not really a michael buble fan, but when i heard this song, i just cant help but to like it, love it even. i guess i had, and still continue to have, a few comings and goings in my life that hearing this song instantly touches the deepest part of who i am.

purple dreams and lavender wishes on your birthday....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

conspiracy may gig sked

1 (F)- Kate Torralba/ Cynthia Alexander
2 (Sat)- Johnoy Danao
3 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
4 (M) - 3P
5 (T) - Writers Night (KM 54) 7pm/ Noel Cabangon
6 (W) - Davey Langit
7 (Th)- Toto Sorioso
8 (F)- Diyosa /Bayang Barrios & Mike Villegas
9 (Sat) Jes Bartolome, Glen at Joel
10 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
11 (M)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo
12 (T) Writers Night (Alitaptap StorytellersPhilipp ines) 7-9pm / Ray Olaguer
13 (W)- Mayo Baluyut
14 (Th)- Agatha
15 (F)- RJ JMNZ
16 (Sat) Comedy Night: Mike Unson´s Mayday Stand-up with Stanley Chi, Uli Oposa and special guest Maui Zafra
17 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
18 (M)- Songwriters Night
19 (T)- Writers Night (Lirahan) 7pm/The Sentimental Groove
20 (W)- Blues Night
21 (Th)- Light it Up: Christian Musicians Night
22 (F)- Diyosa/ Bayang Barrios & Mike Villegas
23 (Sat)- Makiling
24(Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
25 (Mon)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo
26 (Tue)- Writers Night (CDC) 7pm/Alamid
27 (Wed) - Standards with the JCO Razon Trio
28 (Thu) - Albert de Pano
29 (Fri) - Miguel Escueta
30 (Sat) - Cynthia Alexander
31 (Sun) - Gospel Jam (5-8pm)

Conspiracy Garden Cafe
"...where real people, like you and i, converge and co-inspire..."
#59 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City
for inquiries/reservations: 9206517

going home... my other home, i mean (la union trip)

just got back from a very tiring but fulfilling vacation from way up north. fulfilling because i went to a place i have never been before, which is an add-up to my chest of travel memories. this entry will probably be just an intro to a series of posts about my trip. i don't think i can squeeze everything into just one blogging, specially the pictures. :)

it was just a tentative plan i had in mind to visit my bestfriend and my "inaanak" in san fernando, la union for the 3-day weekend of may 1-3, since the last time i went there was january of last year. i told her i might also be bringing my mom with me. when i mentioned the plan to my bestfriend, she got all excited and planned for even another trip for us going to pagudpud in ilocos norte. she has never been there too and she wants to tag along tarko, her son and my "inaanak," on that trip as a treat for him because she will be receiving her payment for some writing assignments she did. well, well, well... what a vacation will that be for me!?! hmmm...

in spite of the tiring scenario playing in my mind, i still decided to make that trip to la union. i definitely need some time away. we all need that from time to time. i remember a quote that my bestfriend shared with me some time ago: "the farther you are from home, the closer you are to yourself." something like that... i forgot who said it though, but i never forget that quote. i guess it's because it is so true. sometimes we need to get out of our shells and explore, rejuvenate, live life to the fullest... because when we do this, we get to know ourselves much better. so, i went away from home... to go to to my other home. i guess la union has always been my refuge and it has saved my sanity far too many times and helped me know and love myself a whole lot better.

and so on thursday night (april 30), i was set to leave manila with my mom. she got to the bus station ahead of me since i was coming from makati, then she texted me that the bus station is already fully-booked. good thing that she was there early so we can look for other options. i immediately texted her back, telling her that she can go to the nearby bus station to check. good enough, the other bus station offers extra buses for those who weren't able to reserve ahead of time. yes, i wasn't able to reserve since i was not sure if i was going or not. it was all fine, i think you aren't a real traveler if you haven't experienced these kinda stuff. all went well, and i didn't care if i had to wait for a few hours just to get a ride. so off to la union we went at 9pm.

it felt like a quick bus ride even if i didn't really sleep that much. i did doze off for very short naps from time to time, but i can't sleep longer. i even envied my mom for she slept for the most part of the trip. i guess that's what's good in traveling at night. you hardly feel the length of travel time.

at about 3am on may 1st, we set foot at the familiar plaza in san fernando city, where almost all ilocos bound buses stop to drop off and pick up passengers. then we took a tricycle ride to my bestfriend's house. and since it was already very late, or let's just say it was already morning, we just hit the sack after short rounds of pleasantries.

the next day we just stayed in the house the whole day to prepare for our trip to ilocos the next day, except for a quick trip to the store to buy ice cream for tarko. we went to an ice cream store aptly named "ice cream house." very literal huh? hehe... then my mom got on an ice cream frenzy once again and bought a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, half gallon of strawberry ice cream, and another half gallon of buco leche flan ice cream. ooops! it doesn't stop there. she also bought, i think a dozen of ice bucos or ice cream sticks. am not really sure coz i never tried them. i just tried the vanilla ice cream (since it's my favorite) and the buco leche flan ice cream (coz i've never tasted it).

before the day ended, we witnessed a traditional procession of santa cruzan, i think. or was it flores de mayo? but i hardly caught the procession to shoot decent pictures. so i only got this....

but! i did catch a nice view from the terrace.... this....

and this...

and most specially, the cutest face i love and miss...