Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"pinili kong maging masaya dahil mas madaling ngumiti.... kaysa ipaliwanag kung bakit ako malungkot...." (i choose to be happy because it is easier to smile than to explain why i am lonely.)


those were the words printed on a shirt i saw from a pic in a friend's multiply account. and i want to have a shirt like that. it's even colored green, very simple, but it exactly says how i am when am lonely.

as they say, people who have more smiles hide behind the same amount of tears. i guess that goes for many people out there. pinoys are generally happy people. we tend to be joyful amidst all the odds we are in, which is a very good thing. there are only a few people who are transparent with their feelings. most often than not, we tend to hide our true feelings, not because we want to lie but simply because we don't want to talk about it. truly, it's so much easier to smile than to explain why you have a frown on your face and answer endless why?? questions.

why are you lonely?

because my parents scolded me.


because i came in late last night.


because i went out with my friends and got drunk.



and it goes on..... and on..... and on..... and on.......

isn't it tiring to answer so many questions specially when you are not in that chatty- spill-the-beans mood and you don't really want to talk about heavy, dramatic stuff? and so to avoid putting yourself in that uncomfortable Q&A situation, you just smile...

yes, i do smile often too. actually i smile more now than when i was younger. there are actually so much to smile about in my life that i have not noticed before. but whether my smiles are made of happiness or sadness, only i know what lies beneath them.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bonifacio joins `Conspiracy'

Bonifacio joins `Conspiracy'

By Amadis Ma. Guerrero
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:22:00 09/29/2008\

conspiracy october gig sked

1 (W)- Noel Cabangon
2 (Th) – Toto Sorioso

3 (F)- Color it Red

4 (Sat)-
Andres Bonifacio Choir
5 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
6 (M) 3P
7 (T) Writers Night (Romancing Venus & Matilda)/
Banyuhay ni Heber Bartolome

9 (Th)- Paul Galang

10 (F)- Davey Langit

11 (Sat)
Cynthia Alexander
12 (Sun)-
Gospel Music Jam (5-8pm)
13 (M)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo

14 (T) Writers Night (PAN FIL Website Launch)/ Diyosa
15 (W)- RJ JMNZ

16 (Th)- Ray Olaguer

17 (F)-
Joey Ayala
18 (Sat) Comedy Nyt with Mike Unson, Stanley Chi and Uli Oposa with Charms Tiamzon

19 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)

20 (M) Songwriters’ Night

21 (T)- Writers Night (Oras ng Lira)/Banyuhay ni
Heber Bartolome
22 (W) RJ JMNZ
23 (Th)- Christian Musicians Night

24 (F)- Bayang Barrios & Mike Villegas
25 (Sat)- Cynthia Alexander

26 (Sun)- closed (staff outing)

27 (M)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo

28 (Tues)- Writers Night (Ang Teatro Martes: Koine)/ Pido

29 (W) RJ JMNZ
30 (Th) Jazz Night with Stella Ignacio

31 (F) Davey Langit

Conspiracy Garden Cafe
"...where real people, like you and i, converge and co-inspire..."
#59 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City
for inquiries/reservations: 9206517