Tuesday, April 29, 2008

paul and kleng's wedding

wow! its been such a great while since ive blogged. having a job, i guess, doesnt do my blog any good. hehe.... but i miss blogging though. actually, there are so much that i need to blog about. there's this blog that i was supposed to write about a friend's wedding, but.... as usual, until now i never have written it. :( the fact that i lost the camera where all the pics i have taken from that wedding were doesn't give me any enthusiasm to start writing. well, apart from posting conspi's monthly schedule, that is.

but here it goes...

those who are familiar with my blog would know that the wedding blog i am talking about is supposed to be a follow-up to the proposal and engagement blog and the bridal shower blog i have written some time, if not ages, ago. now, my drive and excitement to write about that wedding has somehow waned because i havent got any pix to show how great that occasion was. but anyhow, i will still try to post a simple blog to remember that day.

yes, kleng, one of my very good friends, has finally tied the knot at 32 on november 24, 2007. (hmmm.... akala ko mare hindi na tayo ikakasal... ako lang pala yun... ahehehe!) it was one of the most beautiful weddings i have attended. well, actually most of my close friends' weddings were great. but since i havent gone to weddings in a veeeeeeeery long time already, this recent one can be considered as the best... hehe...

i am kinda happy that i needed not wear anything fantabulous. coz at least for this wedding, i didnt have any part to play. whew! i had been a bride's maid, a candle sponsor, and a veil sponsor in weddings. (never was a cord sponsor or a maid of honor though...) but for this wedding, i was just a simple guest... yipee! although i have also attended weddings where i was also a guest, most of the time i play a role if it's a friend's wedding. and when i dont play any part in the wedding, my closest friends would know that i dont wear a dress or a gown. and so, i wore pants on kleng's wedding, matched with an indian inspired top. but of course i dressed suitable for the occasion even though i did not wear a gown you know! :D

that night before kleng's wedding, i was supposed to spend the night at the hotel with her. but i did not go because i was not feeling too well and i thought too that she needed much rest in preparation for her wedding the next day. knowing kleng and myself, we will just talk and talk the whole night and never sleep. so, i just dropped by at the hotel the day of the wedding instead of going straight to the church.

when i arrived at the hotel, kleng was already fully made up. she looked glorious in white.... like me, kleng never really dress-up that much. i guess that is why when she does, she really looks gorgeous. naks! (sister, love your own kse di ba!?! ;p) in the hotel room, i saw her family and a few close friends. and just a few minutes after i arrived, all were set to take pictures. apart from the professional photographers, i and kleng's freinds also took pictures with our own cameras. but sadly, i wasn't able to save mine. huhuhu.... after all the kodakan, we all got ready to leave for the church. i rode with two people, one is kleng's friend and the other is paul's (the groom), following the bridal car.

in the church, i met some of the groom's friends. together with them, i and my companions seated together. it was the first time i had been to the hearts of mary and jesus parish, which is also popularly called "twin hearts." i have heard so much about this church before. they said it is a very nice, small church in west triangle that is very ideal for intimate weddings. and indeed it is... kleng and paul's choice was great. the ceremony was also very touching because the priest who officiated the wedding shared and sang a beautiful song about commitment. (which reminds me that i have to ask kleng for the title for the nth time.) after the wedding, instead of throwing rice, the guests where given little bubble bottles to blow baby bubbles on the newly-weds. while doing just that, i realized that you cant really empty out the bubble bottle cause its not that easy to blow bubbles even though you try hard as you can. naubusan lang naman ako ng hininga! :D

the place where the reception was held was also very nice, although am not really that familiar with the place. i especially liked the tree outside that was peppered with long strings of small bright lights glowing in the early evening. it actually reminded me of a weeping willow tree, only a glowing one. although i havent really seen a live one, only in pictures, i really like how that kind of tree looks. there were also small candles inside mini-paper bags that light the stairs and walkway going to the reception hall. parang fairytale... hehe... i felt like sleeping beauty lost in the woods guided only by these mini-lights. as in ganun talaga ang effect... :D

another surprising thing on this event was the reception itself. instead of having table numbers, the couple thought of having the tables named after signifcant people, things, or events in their lives. actually, i forgot what the name of my table was. i think it was "pau & mau." if i remember it right, pau was the designer of the cartoon on the wedding invites, while mau naman was repsonsible yata for the invitation itself and the wedding favors. ayun... there was also a table named "conspiracy...." o di ba... why? kasi nga di ba, thats where paul prosposed to kleng on valentines day, while noel cabangon was playing??? o di ba, significant talaga ako sa kanila? this thing about the table names was explained as an introduction to a game. the hosts said that those names on the tables are connected to both the bride and the groom. and so, they asked trivias bout the newly weds in connection with those table names. i was able to answer one question cause obvious naman na dapat alam ko ang sagot. the question was, where did paul propose to kleng? nakakainis no? ang hirap ng tanong?

so there.... the things i have mentioned are the most important things for me in paul&kleng's wedding. actually, there are a lot, but those topped my list. and lastly, of all weddings i have attended, this couple is my favorite. they never get tired of having their pictures taken... as in... paul and kleng..... ADIK!!! :D congrats again chummies... oh, double congratulations cause kleng is now expecting a baby... o di ba ang bilis ni papa paul? love ya papa G and mama G!!! cant wait for baby G!

p.s. salamat sa mga ninakaw ko ng walang paalam na pictures sa multiply site ni paul . :D ;p pasensya na po... :)

pati singers mana sa ikinasal, adik! :D

ops! wag mabahala... hindi po dalawa ang pinakasalan ni kleng. isa lamang. bahala na kayong manghula kung sino jan.... ahehehe!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

conspiracy april gig sked

1 (T)- Writers Nyt (Romancing Venus, Matilda, Lokal)/Banyuhay ni Heber Bartolome
2 (W)- RJ Jimenez
3 (Th)- Early Evening Classical Music/ Albert de Pano
4 (F)- Color it Red
5 (Sat) Joey Ayala
6 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)Th)
7 (M) Diyosa
8 (T) - Writers Nyt (S.T. Exposure)/ Toto Sorioso
9 (W)- RJ Jimenez
10 (Th)- Early Evening Classical Music/ Jes Bartolome, Glen at Joel
11 (F)- Bayang Barrios & Mike Villegas
12 (Sat) Cynthia Alexander
13 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
14 (M) Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo
15 (T)- Writers Nyt (Ony Carcamo & Friends)/Banyuhay ni Heber Bartolome
16 (W)-RJ Jimenez
17 (Th)- Early Evening Classical Music/ Aiza Seguerra & Mike Villegas
18 (F)- Color it Red
19 (Sat)- Comedy Nyt with Mike Unson, Reklamo and Stanley Chi
20 (Sun) Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
21 (M)- 3P
22 (T)- Writers Nyt (UP Open U Multimedia Center)/ Earth Day Celebration: Republika ng Musika feat. Makiling Ensemble, Syalam & Talahib
23 (W)- Noel Cabangon
24 (Th) Early Evening Classical Music/ Christian Musicians Night
25 (F)- Bayang Barrios & Mike Villegas
26 (Sat) Cynthia Alexander
27 (Sun) Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
28 (M)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo
29 (T) Writers Nyt (Araw ng Alyansa/Arrest Gloria)/ Heber Bartolome
30 (W)- Noel Cabangon

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