Wednesday, March 04, 2009

can you transfer me to citibank america???

an officemate forwarded me an audio file of this today and am glad to have found it at youtube. i don't know if this is an authentic caller though. i can't believe anyone would go to such an extent to just complain, yell, and curse at a customer service agent. this girl may be just trippin'. ahahaha! and if the man is indeed a true customer service agent, i really admire his patience. it's hard to remain courteous and respectful inspite of the fact that this linda blairish-exorcist-kinda-girl kept on spewing endless senseless words and swearing. yeah, she seems to be possessed or something. and for a person who claims to be from the states, she doesn't really speak good english or have correct grammar at least. in fact, she spoke in Filipino most of the time, while badmouthing everything that is Filipino... hay, sus ati! ang labo mo!


Anonymous said...

hahaha! she's kinda weird... overacting! lol

Anonymous said...

DUDE! the call center agent is laughing at 3:45-3:47! Hilarious.