Wednesday, April 01, 2009

my earth hour

a few days before the 28th of march, my tita kept on saying that "earth hour" will be observed on the coming saturday. well, she didn't actually said "earth hour." maybe she doesn't really know that term. i think she was more of saying it's "earth day" and that lights will be turned-off for an hour on the 28th. so, i said to myself, "oh, that's good. at least she will or wants to participate." am happy to think about that because i didn't really expect her to be someone who supports any kind of cause. well, unless she finds it out from someone. then that's the time she usually echoes it out to anyone she talks to or comes across with, like it's as if she knows it like the back of her hand and believes everything about it unfalteringly. and so, since my mom and i live with her, then of course we are usually the first ones to hear her preachings, much like the endless litanies she yacks, that i grew up with, and that she still throws from time to time.

so, saturday came. while my mom and tita left for the church for an anticipated 6pm mass, i rushed off to conspi at about 7pm or so. aside from the "earth hour" that i will be participating in for that day, a friend-conspirator invited me for a launch of a portrait sketches exhibit. i arrived at conspi almost 9pm already as the traffic on edsa near trinoma is horrendous. hay.... i read a chapter or so of dan brown's "angels & demons" getting through that traffic. anyhow, when i got to conspi, the program for the exhibit launch was almost over. and as soon as it ended, all the people inside the music hall came out and "earth hour" officially began.

it was the first time i saw conspi without any lights on, except for the candles that the staff gave out so that we wont be groping in the dark. and while the candle distribution and lighting is happening, a group of musicians took out their guitars and started singing and playing good music. nice... it was like a simple "inuman session" i used to enjoy when i was younger. an artist, who participated in the sketching sessions for the said exhibit, also jammed with his guitar and harmoica. yes, at the same time... galeng! even an american friend from guam really enjoyed the night jamming and playing some of his originals. this american, whom we fondly call tito joe or uncle tote, frequents conspi. he never fails to go to conspi everytime he's in the country. he says that it's his most favorite place on the planet. and to prove that he was really exhilirated that night, he knocked-off my beer and my shorts got kinda wet. hehe... but it's all good. that won't really ruin a great night of fun with conspi friends. it was actually the first time i participated in the "earth hour" since i was not yet familiar with it before and am glad i had my first at conspi.

meanwhile, back at the house. when i woke up the next day, i was having my breakfast, then my tita joined me. so, i asked her if they turned-off the lights the day before. this was sort of what she said: "hinde... late na rin naman kami nakauwi. at saka magpapakain pa ako ng aso, maaatrasado ako, gagabihin ako. nananawa na nga akong magpakain ng mga yan. saka... wala rin namang nagpatay ng ilaw dito sa kalye natin."

hmmmm..... sigh.... i just kept quiet. i didn't want to say anything.

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