Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"please don't go" by barcelona

all those arrows you threw, you threw them away
you kept falling in love and then one day
when you fell, you fell towards me
when you crashed in the clouds, you found me

oh, please don't go...
i want you so
i can't let go
for i lose control

get these left handed lovers out of your way
they look hopeful but you, you should not stay
if you want me to break down and give you the keys
i can do that but i can't let you leave

oh, please don't go...
i want you so
i can't let go
for i lose control

this is my LSS of the moment. i saw a video of the 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world in chico garcia's blog and this was the background music. but i opted to post a different version of that video because i think the sound quality is better.

i don't remember if i ever heard this song before, but i was mesmerized hearing it while watching those sea creatures marvelously swimming their way around a tank, sadly though. they are supposed to be wandering free in the ocean, not encased in glass for our amusement. it made me realize that i should really learn how to dive. so, that will be in my "things to do before i die" list, which also reminded me that i should really make that list. not that am dying though, i just want to make the most out of this lifetime. i believe that there are certain things that we should experience even just once in our lives.

i tried to find an mtv of the song, but sadly i cant find one. there was a live version, but the sound isn't really as nice as the one used in that aquarium video. but to put a face on a great song, there's this video response of the band itself, barcelona, that i found.

i haven't heard the other songs of barcelona. i plan to buy their album soon to find out if their other songs are as good as this one or i hope even better. what makes this song good, for me, is that even if it's short and simple, it's also kinda deep and poetic. nice words coupled with a dramatic melody incite the necessary emotions. oo na, emo na nga kung emo... e basta gusto ko sya! ;p

and yet, another video. this time it's a collection of film clips with the same song as background.

o sha, magpaka-emo...

Friday, July 24, 2009

the preacher in blue jeans

if there's one preacher that i admire, it's the preacher in blue jeans, bo sanchez. his preaching is something that is just right. it isn't telling you what a bad person you are, but instead helps you to be a better one. bo is the kind that just shows you the way and guide you, not commands you to do things. no wonder, he is endeared by so many people now that his seminars and talks extend to even as far as the u. s.

i came to know about bo sanchez through reading the "kerygma" magazine when i was younger. my tita had a subscription then and she almost kinda coerced me to read it, telling me that i should read it so i can pick up some lessons and stuff. being religious, tita didn't just let me read religious/inspirational magazines or books, she also reprimands me when i miss sunday mass or encourage (almost to the point of commanding, actually) everybody to pray the rosary everyday, and that also means all the mysteries, all twenty of them. yes, twenty, and not fifteen. it was from my tita that i first found out about the additional mysteries. the new additional five mysteries are called luminous mysteries, alongside with the old ones, joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries.

now, 'bout more than twenty years later, i didn't know i would still be reading, listening, and even watching bo sanchez. although i am not reading "kerygma" anymore, it is already available online if i want to. a friend even gifted me with one of bo's books on one of my birthdays. it was a nice read and i plan to read one of his books again.

and since i am a member of bo's fan page on facebook, this morning i found out about videos on this site called it's good to know that i can be able to watch his talks on the net already because i hardly catch them on tv. the first video i watched reminded me of one of the things why i like bo sanchez. men who really speak well are rare! am not just talking about making sense, but how how well you enunciate your spoken words. amen? amen!!!

(i couldn't put the video within this post as it destroys my blog's format. but i still want to share this nice video about one of bo sanchez's talks about "How to Develop a Postive Mindset." this video is the part about "How to Love Yourself.")

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"all i need" by jack wagner

kissing you is not what i had planned
and now i'm not so sure just where i stand
i wasn't looking for true love
but now you're looking at me
you're the only one i can think of
you're the only one i see

all i need
is just a little more time
to be sure of what i feel
is it all in my mind
'cause it seems so hard to believe
that you're all i need

yes it's true we've all been hurt before
but it doesn't seem to matter anymore
it may be a chance we're taking
but it always comes to this
if this isn't love we're makin'
then i don't know what it is

all i need
is just a little more time
to be sure of what i feel
is it all in my mind
'cause it seems so hard to believe

no stars are out tonight
but we're shining our own light
and it never felt so right
'cause girl the way i'm feeling
it's easy to believe
that you're all i need

you're all i need
oooooh ahhhh

i just heard this song from our radio here in the office. i know that the station
plays old and new songs, but i still kinda get surprised hearing old songs, specially
those that i always hear and sing to when i was younger. while others may say that
this song is cheesy or corny, i actually find it nice. i loved this song back then,
and i guess i still do.

listening a while ago to this song, i thought: this is for that one night i thought
i made a wrong move. that night when i didn't think but followed how and what i feel.
i am just glad things happened the way they did and slowly fell into their rightful

sometimes things happen in our lives unexpectedly, and all we have to do is just to
go wherever it may lead us... stop rationalizing. who knows? it may be what is
really meant for us.

Friday, July 03, 2009

conspiracy july gig sked

1 (W) - Noel Cabangon
2 (Thu) - Diyosa
3 (Fri) - Joey Ayala
4 (Sat) - Syalam & Talahib
5 (Sun) - Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
6 (M) - 3P
7 (Tue) - Writers Night (KM 64) 7pm / Toto Sorioso
8 (W) - RJ JMNZ
9 (Th)- Bonfires for Peace: A Cultural Event for Peace and Justice
10 (F)- Blackout Night featuring Leonecast & JZE
11 (Sat) Chiro
12 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
13 (M)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo
14 (Tue) Writers Night (Alitaptap StorytellersPhilipp ines) 7-9pm / MJ JAM feat. Lynn Sherman, Rica Arambulo, RJ JMNZ, Bayang Barrios, Noel Cabangon, Jong Azores, Diyosa, Cooky Chua, Agatha et al.
15 (W)- Noel Cabangon
16 (Th)- DJ Alvaro Birthday Gig
17 (F)- Joey Ayala
18 (Sat) - White Ink Night
19 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
20 (M)- Songwriters’ Night
21 (Tue)- Writers Night (Lirahan) 7pm / Agatha
22 (W)- Miguel Escueta
23 (Th)- Light it Up: Christian Musicians Night
24 (F)- Diyosa/ Bayang Barrios & Mike Villegas
25 (Sat)- Comedy Night: Mike Unson Renegade Assault with Stanley Chi, Derf Hebrado and Reklamo
26(Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
27 (Mon)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo
28 (Tue)- Writers Night (Bigkas Pilipinas & CDC) 7pm / The Music of Burt Bacharach
29 (Wed) - Noel Cabangon
30 (Thu) - Popfilter
31 (Fri) - Mayo Baluyut with DRP

Conspiracy Garden Cafe
"...where real people, like you and i, converge and co-inspire..."
#59 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City
for inquiries/reservations: 9206517