Friday, November 16, 2007

surprise shower party.... a real surprise! ;p

the surprise shower party last night for kleng was a real surprise not just for her but also for me. i dont know with the other guests, but i am completely clueless about the details of the said party since the day i was invited by another friend who organized it. well, i am even clueless about the wedding itself until last night when i finally got the invitation. hehe.... grabe! ika nga ng isa pang kaibigan.... kaladkarin din kse ako, go lang ng go! kahit pa may sakit na ko't lahat, adun pa rin ako. ganyan ko kamahal si kleng... :D

anywayz... we really enjoyed the night. we were successful in making the party not just a surprise, but a happy and meaningful event for kleng. i guess most of her very special girlfriends were present. we all connived and converged in a salon owned by one of kleng's friend, while another friend is luring her to go to the said place. o di ba? pagtulungan ba si kleng??? buti na lang, even though kleng felt that something aint right when they were on the way to the salon, our surprise was not really spoiled. na-surprise naman nga sya talaga. kaya lang, kaming mga naghihintay naman, namumuti na ang mga mata sa gutom dahil pagkatagal-tagal dumating ng lola! hay! namemorize ko na nga ata lahat ng designs ng nail art dun sa salon eh wala pa rin ang bruha! if i only had enough money, i might have gotten my nails done. nakakatuwa kse ang mga designs, promise!

as soon as kleng arrived, after the hi's, hello's, and beso-besos, lafangan na agad dahil gutom na ang lahat. then kleng was also treated with a whole salon pampering experience. i think her friend who owns the salon was responsible for that because she cant be on the wedding day itself. o ha? ang tindi bumawi no? :D at ako naman, mejo photographer ang drama, taking pictures here and there.

i have taken pictures of one of the cutest cakes ive ever seen. at siguro eh kayo din. si kleng nga di napigilan na isubo sya, ang kyut-kyut kse.... the guests naman didnt really touch it. ayaw nila siguro masira ang kakyutan ng cake.

instead, we ate the other cake, which is a birthday cake for our friend who organized the event. and in fairness, masarap sya talaga at ubos na ubos.

in its entirety, masayang-masaya naman ang lahat... i guess except for the dancer they hired. kse naman, kahit game si kleng,

ang iba namang mga kababaihan eh takbuhan ng takbuhan at ayaw malapitan at magilingan ng matipunong katawan ni chinky boy macho dancer!

hehe.... pero malas lang ng isa dahil nahuli sya at napatungan. itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang... ruffa mae quinto. hehe.... may ebidensya pa nga eh.... ;p

Thursday, November 15, 2007

i havent attended weddings for quite a while. cant even remember when and whose wedding i attended last. all i know is that there was a particular time before that my schedule was very tight with weddings here and there. and not only that, i usually was either a bridesmaid or a secondary sponsor. now, most of my friends are already married and at my age, that is not surprising.

i never thought that i will be attending weddings again. not because i dont expect my few single friends to get married, but maybe because i, myself, am not that much focused on the idea anymore. i have long accepted the fact that i may not end up getting married and am ok with it. am not worried and i dont pity myself either. why should i waste my time doing that anyway? i guess its just a matter of acceptance and being happy and contented with my life. whatever is Gods plan for me, i will gladly accept it wholeheartedly...

on the 24th day of this month, am gona be attending a very good friends wedding. i am very happy for her because she has finally found the one for her after long years of waiting. i have been a witness to the story of her past loves. each of those we thought would end up at the altar, but all have failed and left her broken. and finally, she has found a curly-topped angel that brought her to the euphoric state she is in today... (hehehe.... ;p) and i hope that feeling will last for the rest of their married years together....

as a gift and an expression of love and appreciation to a great friend, i will be blogging about this meaningful event in her life. i will start by re-posting an article i wrote in my old blog last february. unfortunately, that blog was violated and i had no choice but to close and delete my account. i did that with a heavy heart because i know that there are people who had been reading my blog and truly appreciated it.

so here it is again, my article about the day paul proposed to kleng at conspiracy garden cafe.... :)

have a chummy hearts day :)

i cant remember any memorable valentines day in my entire life... ironically i may say because i had been in a very long term relationship. its sad though, to think that i cannot remember any special valentines day in those years. that which cannot be blamed on a forgetful mind that i have, but i guess it is simply because the other person doesnt really seem to make an effort to make that day extra special or meaningful nor any other occasion as well. as i tell my friends... effortless indeed... :D

it was a great hearts day at conspiracy last night. the valentines promo was such a success. i was surprised to see that almost all the tables inside were reserved when i arrived. i myself reserved a table for me and my friends. i arrived early so i waited for them. when the first group arrived, we settled on our seats and started the usual chatting, yacking, kulitan and laughter, as we wait for the others. we were so noisy, with our voices and merriment rocking the place, that it seemed conspiracy is having a major earthquake. but not anyone of us hardly expected that that night was going to be an even more blasting night for all of us...

who couldve known that i would have a great, if not the best, valentines day of my life ever? it is not because i am romantically involved with someone, but because of the company of great friends. and also because of a very remarkable moment in the life of a dear friend. i am deeply touched and honored that i am present in that occasion.

paul already told me that he has a gift for kleng and he asked one of the waiters to keep it for the meantime. he wants to surprise kleng. when the moment came, i went to the bar and got pauls gift, put it on klengs seat, as we were waiting for her to come back from the restroom. when kleng got back, she was asking what was that bag of gift and to whom does it belong to. (deadma pa ang lola ko! kanino raw ang gift? duh! iha, nasa upuan mo kaya? e di sayo! lol...) at that time we were all cajoling her to open the gift already. and she was playing hard to get by telling us no she wont open it because its her gift and she will open it whenever she pleases to. but then again, she gave in, of course, what with all of us hounding on her??? :D

pauls gift was very simple... it was a huge red mug. it has a heart drawing with their names written on it. inside it are personalized m&m chocolates, in pink and blue, to the brim. when ria got one chocolate, she screamed in blushing delight, kilig to the hilt... as it is written on the small round treat, "will you marry me?"

and when i got myself one piece, it says, "iloveyou kleng."

we were all eating and enjoying the chocolates for a while already, then kleng found a string right in the middle of the chocolates. we didnt really see it because its rather dim, as noel cabangon was still playing. when kleng pulled out the string, there was a ring at the end of it... :) and all of us were screaming...

paul and klengs wedding is already planned and set for this year. but as paul said, the proposal was rather late already. he hasnt really proposed yet, but just last night. but to a girl like kleng with simple wants and dreams, who could ask for anything more?

to my chummy friend kleng... we go a long way back since our college days, but it seems more than that. we are like more than sisters even... what with our names almost the same?!? hahaha... i am very glad that you are finally happy...

to paul... i have known you for just a very short while. in fact, ive just met you last night, but i know that you will take care of kleng...

best wishes to both of you... and as i promised kleng, i will give the best gift that i can for your wedding... since i am passionate bout music... i will give and share with you my gift of music...

thanks to both of you for making my heart fonder and my hearts day a very meaningful one...

happy hearts day!!!

Noel Cabangon

ang tangi kong pag-ibig
sa puso'y laging may pintig
walang ibang inaasam
ikaw lang magpakailanman

at sana'y iyong madama
aking wagas na pagsinta
walang ibang iniisip
walang ibang panaginip

dahil ikaw, ikaw lamang
ang aking kalawakan
ikaw lamang ang buhay
pumipintig sa bawat sandali

ang tangi kong pag-ibig
ay ligayang kay tamis
kaya't sana'y iyong mabatid
itong aking paglalambing

dahil ikaw, ikaw lamang
ang aking kalawakan
ikaw lamang ang buhay
pumipintig sa bawat sandali

ang tangi kong pag-ibig
ay pangakong walang patid
walang ibang inaasam
ikaw lamang magpakailanman...