Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so am not the only one...

i thought i was the only one who hates it... but it turns out that even daphne oseña does too. i was just reading her blog a few seconds ago, and it's good to know that it isn't just me. hating to be called "dear" or "my dear," that is. i thought i was weird or something. it turns out that people are just different.

even way back in my former job, i really hate it when my boss and a host of other high ranking people, would call us, newbies or younger ones, "dear" or "my dear." yes, i cringe at it, and i don't know why. as in ewwwwwww! while others seem not to mind, i do. i don't see it as a form of endearment or a sweet gesture. ya, maybe an endearment for some so they can get their way or to stress out that they know better than you. and sometimes, for a lack of a better word, or not to say something bad, other people would just use "dear." there may be all sorts of reasons, which the speakers will or won't admit. but whatever these are, am fine to be called by my name.... really.

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