Wednesday, March 04, 2009

digicam, anyone?

if you're the last person on earth who still don't have a digital camera, well now is the time for you to own one! a friend of mine is selling a sony DSC-T1 digicam for only $100 or Php 5,000. the original price is about $400. it's a 4-year old camera that has slightly been used, in very good condition, complete with box, accessories, and all. it even has an additional memory card (512 mb high speed memory stick pro duo) as a bonus.

with summer rushing in, you definitely need to capture those beach outing moments to store in your little box of memories... ;)

for inquiries and interested beings out there, just message me here so you can contact my friend directly.

for the DSC-T1 specifications, go to:


lorela said...

pwede ko bang makilala iyong friend mo? ahahahahha

LiQuiDfiRe said...

sa pagkakatanda ko eh kilala mo na sya di ba? :D