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the freeman is indeed free...  

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it is truly saddening to hear this news... i thought he will survive and conquer the big "C." but apparently not...

i grew up seeing francis magalona in movies, on tv, and hearing his songs on the radio. i admire his patriotism, which is very much evident in his music and artworks. through the years, he continuously improved his talents and explored all possible horizons that he can.

i remember, i didn't really like francis before because of his being a matinee idol, an actor, or a rapper. i started liking him when he started to be a dj, a vj, and a host. only then did i appreciate his being a rapper. i realized that he is very effective because he enunciates his words very well, may it be in filipino or in english. actually, if not for francis, i may not have come to appreciate rap music.

since i am a person who is very particular with english and grammar, it is no wonder that i grew a liking for francis m. it is my major pre-requisite for liking somebody actually. hehe... as in real "like," in the romantic sense of the word. though i may not be a real big fan who would go ga-ga over him, i do admire and respect him as an artist. he has accomplished so many things already in just a short span of time in this world. and so i guess, it is a life that is well-lived, as they say.

francis may be gone and will sorely be missed my those whose lives he has touched. let us just console ourselves that, inspite of it all, the freeman is indeed finally free...

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