Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"one of these days" by barry manilow

barry manilow has a bunch of songs that pinoys are crazy about. but if i were to choose one, it will be this song. well, i also used to sing "somewhere down the road" or "if i should love again" with the rest of the country though. well, who wouldn't? it was, and still is i guess, like a mantra for the brokenhearted or the national anthem for the lonely hearts club. and even if you aren't part of those groups, you just can't help but to know those songs and sing with it. filipinos, as they say, are natural suckers for love songs. most of us grew-up to these kinda songs playing all the time on the radio, specially if it's a backtrack day, a mellow songs day, or a sunday. as for myself, i seemed to outgrow these mushy love songs as i got older and realized that i don't have to like 'em just because the rest of the world does.

even though growing older made me more individualized or unique, having my own style and taste, i still tend to listen to barry manilow. of course i don't really do that much, but there will always be a song or two that will always let me stop in the middle of whatever am doing and listen.

i don't remember if i was lonely or heartbroken when i first heard "one of these days." but maybe not, 'coz am sure to be much younger then. but anyhow, i guess that's also how i am. i get to like a song, even though it doesn't seem to have any particular connection to my life whatsoever. but then again, at times, it will suddenly have a meaning for me at a much later time. more of like a foreshadowing of some sort. or it can also just remain to be a song i just happen to like, nonetheless.

but i do remember a time when this song just popped on the radio and sent me to deep, deep thoughts with tears welling-up my eyes. and i said to myself, ya, "one of these days" i will be gone and i won't be there just like how i used to and just like how you are used to. till then, you will all see my worth and it will all be too late. ya, ya, i know... drama. but we all do have those "mala-teleserye" monologue moments, we are just too proud to admit them.

one of these days
one of these very ordinary days
you're gonna call my name
and i won't be there
after the days
after these very, very many days

you're gonna see the light
and i won't be there

and on that day
somehow i'll find the strength to stay away
i won't give in
i will not let myself be taken in... again
oh no my friend

one of these days
out of the blue you'll start remembering
and i won't care
'cause i won't be there

oh, and on that day
i swear i'll find the strength somehow to stay away
i won't give in
i will not let myself be taken in... again
oh no my friend

that's what i say
that's what i tell myself... i won't give in
so try it someday
and you'll see that i won't be there
no, you know, no, i won't

these day-eeya-eeya-eeya-aaa-aays
i -- won't be there
no, no, no i won't be there...

it's never that often that i hear this song, but each time i do, i can't help but to be teary-eyed. i don't know if it's just because am getting older that's why i easily cry or am really just a crybaby. it can also be just as simple as a reflection of having gone through some things in this life.

anywayz, although i still think that nothing beats the original, am also sharing nina's version of the song.

Monday, March 16, 2009

"isipin mo na lang" ni bayang barrios

napakatagal nang panahon nung huli akong nag-post ng isang awitin dito sa aking blog. sa aking pagkakatanda, ito yata ay ang kanta ni regina spektor na "samson,", may mga dalawang taon na sigurong nakararaan. naaalala ko, naroon pa yata ako sa dati kong trabaho bilang isang "web content writer" nung huli akong nakapag-post ng awitin rito.

bilang isang nilalang na maalab ang damdamin sa musika, inisip ko noong nais kong maglagay dito ng isang awitin kahit man lang isa kada linggo. kahit anong awitin na mapusuan ko, maging ito man ay konektado sa aking buhay o hindi. ngunit ewan ko ba kung ano ang nangyari. sabay siguro ng pagtamlay ng aking pagsusulat dito ay ang siya ring paglamlam ng alab ng musika sa aking puso. pero 'ika nga nila, minsan kinakailangan lang manahimik at magpahinga upang mag-ipon ng lakas para sa pagbangong muli.

narito ang isang napakagandang awitin ni bayang barrios na may pamagat na "isipin mo na lang." mula ito sa kanyang ikatlong "album" na "alon." ginamit rin ang awiting ito sa pelikulang "ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros." ito ang napili kong kanta dahil muli kong narinig na awitin ito ni bayang (kasama sina mike at angelo villegas) noong biyernes (marso 13) sa "conspiracy garden & cafe." kasama din niyang kumanta si diyosa, na naunang tumugtog noong gabing iyon. at isa pa, pinili kong isulat ang blog na ito sa wikang filipino sa kadahilanan na ring ang napili kong kanta ay nasa sarili nating wika, at para na rin maiba naman.

nangangamba ka ba na ngayong malayo ka
ako kaya ay magbago?
hinahanap ko ba sa iba ang ligaya
ngayong tayo'y magkalayo

manatili't 'wag matinag
sa pag-ibig mo ay bihag
ang puso kong ito...

isipin mo na lang
ang ating samahan
at ang pag-ibig ko sa'yo...

isipin mo na lang
ang ating samahan
at ang pag-ibig ko sa'yo...

isipin mo na lang ngayong natagpuan
tunay na magmamahal sakin
at ang nag-iisang hadlang
ay ang pansamantalang paghihintay
ba't di ko gagawin?

hmmm.... naisip ko lang... hindi ako maghihintay ng walang kasiguruhan kung hindi kita tunay na mahal...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you pay me enough, I'll sing these songs at a karaoke bar

there are songs i'd rather hear others sing than me singing them. and these are some of those songs. though if you pay me well enough or give me something tempting in exchange, maybe i would. hehe...

stop by spice girls

i never really liked the spice girls, so as their songs. but i used to always, always hear their songs on the radio.

green, green grass of home by tom jones

i always hear this in drinking & videoke sessions on the streets and kanto. nakakasawa na! wala na bang iba???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so am not the only one...

i thought i was the only one who hates it... but it turns out that even daphne oseña does too. i was just reading her blog a few seconds ago, and it's good to know that it isn't just me. hating to be called "dear" or "my dear," that is. i thought i was weird or something. it turns out that people are just different.

even way back in my former job, i really hate it when my boss and a host of other high ranking people, would call us, newbies or younger ones, "dear" or "my dear." yes, i cringe at it, and i don't know why. as in ewwwwwww! while others seem not to mind, i do. i don't see it as a form of endearment or a sweet gesture. ya, maybe an endearment for some so they can get their way or to stress out that they know better than you. and sometimes, for a lack of a better word, or not to say something bad, other people would just use "dear." there may be all sorts of reasons, which the speakers will or won't admit. but whatever these are, am fine to be called by my name.... really.

picture courtesy of: http://www.dropeverythingandread.com

Friday, March 06, 2009

the freeman is indeed free...

video courtesy of: abs-cbnnews.com

it is truly saddening to hear this news... i thought he will survive and conquer the big "C." but apparently not...

i grew up seeing francis magalona in movies, on tv, and hearing his songs on the radio. i admire his patriotism, which is very much evident in his music and artworks. through the years, he continuously improved his talents and explored all possible horizons that he can.

i remember, i didn't really like francis before because of his being a matinee idol, an actor, or a rapper. i started liking him when he started to be a dj, a vj, and a host. only then did i appreciate his being a rapper. i realized that he is very effective because he enunciates his words very well, may it be in filipino or in english. actually, if not for francis, i may not have come to appreciate rap music.

since i am a person who is very particular with english and grammar, it is no wonder that i grew a liking for francis m. it is my major pre-requisite for liking somebody actually. hehe... as in real "like," in the romantic sense of the word. though i may not be a real big fan who would go ga-ga over him, i do admire and respect him as an artist. he has accomplished so many things already in just a short span of time in this world. and so i guess, it is a life that is well-lived, as they say.

francis may be gone and will sorely be missed my those whose lives he has touched. let us just console ourselves that, inspite of it all, the freeman is indeed finally free...

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

digicam, anyone?

if you're the last person on earth who still don't have a digital camera, well now is the time for you to own one! a friend of mine is selling a sony DSC-T1 digicam for only $100 or Php 5,000. the original price is about $400. it's a 4-year old camera that has slightly been used, in very good condition, complete with box, accessories, and all. it even has an additional memory card (512 mb high speed memory stick pro duo) as a bonus.

with summer rushing in, you definitely need to capture those beach outing moments to store in your little box of memories... ;)

for inquiries and interested beings out there, just message me here so you can contact my friend directly.

for the DSC-T1 specifications, go to: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_reviews/t1.html

conspi march 2009 gig sked

1 (Sun) Gospel Jam (5-8pm)
2 (M)- 3P

3 (T)- Writers Night (KM 64 Anniversary) 7-9 pm/ Diyosa

4 (W)- Davey Langit

5 (Th) – Toto Sorioso

6 (F)- BLUES NIGHT Benefit Show for Blues Brother Lito Bote

7 (Sat)- Johnoy Danao

8 (Sun)- Gospel Jam (5-8pm)

9 (M) Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo

10 (T) Writers Night (Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines & Sulat ) 7pm/ Ray Olaguer

11 (W) Noel Cabangon

12 (Th)- Chad Peralta

13 (F)- Bayang Barrios & Mike Villegas

14 (Sat) Cynthia Alexander

15 (Sun)- Gospel Jam: Wings of Morning in Concert (5-8pm)

16 (M)- Songwriters Night

17 (T) Writers Night (Dr. Jose Buenconsejo’s Filmshowing) 7-9pm/Makiling

18 (W)- Agatha Obar

19 (Th)- Light it Up: Christian Musicians Night

20 (F)- Joey Ayala

21 (Sat) Cynthia Alexander

22 (Sun)- Gospel Jam: New Covenant Singers in Concert (5-8pm)
23 (M)- Piano Night w/ Rica Arambulo

24 (T)- Writers Night (Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo) 7pm/ Jess Santiago

25 (W)- Noel Cabangon

26 (Th)- RJ JMNZ

27 (F)- White Ink Productions presents Para Kay Nilo, a benefit show

28 (Sat)- Comedy Night Mike Unson: Fool Throttle with Stanley Chi and Uli Oposa feat. Derf Hebrado and Trian Lauang
29 (Sun)- Gospel Jam: Elijah the Musical (5-8pm)

30 (Mon)-Salinawit ni Pete w/ Skarlet, Reli German, Dondi Ong and Pete Lacaba feat. Ferdie Borja on Piano

31 (Tue)- Writers Night (Teatro Pasiking & UP Child Development Center)/Nyoy Volante

Conspiracy Garden Cafe
"...where real people, like you and i, converge and co-inspire..."
#59 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City (across Shell gas station)
for inquiries/reservations: 9206517

can you transfer me to citibank america???

an officemate forwarded me an audio file of this today and am glad to have found it at youtube. i don't know if this is an authentic caller though. i can't believe anyone would go to such an extent to just complain, yell, and curse at a customer service agent. this girl may be just trippin'. ahahaha! and if the man is indeed a true customer service agent, i really admire his patience. it's hard to remain courteous and respectful inspite of the fact that this linda blairish-exorcist-kinda-girl kept on spewing endless senseless words and swearing. yeah, she seems to be possessed or something. and for a person who claims to be from the states, she doesn't really speak good english or have correct grammar at least. in fact, she spoke in Filipino most of the time, while badmouthing everything that is Filipino... hay, sus ati! ang labo mo!

Monday, March 02, 2009

my eggs and my babies

a current addiction i have right now and that also bides my time is collecting eggs at facebook's "hatchlings." adik! as in! i just started last week but i already have collected 280 eggs and 46 hatchlings that i am taking care of. cute ones, i might say... hehe.... this is one of my favorites:

isn't he, she, it cute? hehe.... it reminds me of my own bunny, "twinky," at home. i would want to name it too, but i don't want to be unfair. coz if i name her, him, it... i should name all the other 45 hatchlings too. whoa! am gonna run out of names to give 'em and and i don't have all the time to think of names. nah! am just gonna content myself with having these cuties in my nest. hihihi!

collecting these cutie pies is kinda exciting coz when i find a new egg, i wouldn't know what's inside until it hatches. i would usually guess by how the eggs look. but it's also kinda hard to guess it right. i always get it wrong. like, who would guess that an egg such as this:

would have a hatchling like this:

look at those lashes! ahahaha! anyhow, i should get back to hunting eggs, so i can feed my hatchlings. yeah, they feed on eggs too. and i have to feed them, coz if i don't, they might run away. i haven't lost any of my hatchlings though. but i would sure do if i won't be able to keep up on feeding all of them. and am afraid that will be real, real soon.... :/