Tuesday, April 28, 2009

being happy

when i was much, much younger it seemed that it was hard to be happy or that it was such a feat to achieve happiness in life. i always try to find things to do, places to go to, stuff to buy, and all other quests for trivial or superficial things just so i can say or feel that i am truly enjoying myself and my life. but then again, i guess that's part of growing-up. i was still so naive and thought that happiness should always come in fantabulous packages that give out extra sensational feelings.

now that am much older and mature, i have learned to appreciate small things in life. i become to see things as i have never seen them before or things that i overlooked or took for granted... little things that truly make me happy. i realize that i failed to see the beauty and meaning of life in very simple things. it's the kind of happiness that couldn't be taken away in spite of and no matter what... the simple joys of life.

happiness, just like life, is indeed a choice...


lorela said...

great to finally hear that from you... :)

ang sarap to have simple things in life, devah? and to be happy still? :)

LiQuiDfiRe said...

matagal ko naman nang narealize yun... hindi ko lang mai-blog. ahahaha!