Monday, April 13, 2009

"on my way to you"

written by marilyn & alan bergman and michel legrand

so often as i wait for sleep
i find myself reciting
the words i've said or should have said
like scenes that need rewriting
the smiles i never answered
doors perhaps i should have opened
songs forgotten in the morning
i relive the roles i've played
the tears i may have squandered
the many pipers i have paid
along the roads i've wandered
yet all the time i knew it
love was somewhere out there waiting
though i may regret a kiss or two
if i had changed a single day
what went amiss or went astray
i may have never found my way to you
if i had changed a single day
what went amiss or went astray
i may have never found my way to you
i wouldn't change a thing that happened
on my way to you...

on one of the many drinking friday nights at conspi, i, a conspirator-friend, and some others were talking about weddings and wedding songs. my conspirator-friend told me that i should listen to the song "on my way to you." if i remember it right, my friend said that her sister used it on her wedding. am not really that good in song titles, so even if i know a certain song, it doesn't necessarily mean i know the title. i told my friend that i might know the song, i just have to look for and listen to it first to find out. and so a few days after that night, i did. i found out that, yes, i do know the song.... and in fact, love it too. so thanks tinabebe, for reminding me of this great song.

as usual for me, i went looking for the original version of the song, which i believe was sung by barbara streisand. or she might be just the one who's popularly known to sing this song written by marilyn & alan bergman and michel legrand. but sadly, i can't find any online audio or video copy of it. so i just opted to embed in here the nicest versions, in my opinion, from youtube.

it was a very reflective moment when i first listened to the song and a host of its versions, as well as savoring the lyrics. this is definitely one of my lifesongs... it says everything that i've always or recently believed in. i have come to accept the fact that we all have to hurt sometimes... we commmit mistakes, make wrong decisions, and all but those are all part of life. these things mold us to be who we are and ought to be.

i remember one saying that goes something like, God allows us to meet the wrong people because He is preparing us and the person that is truly meant for us. so, we shouldn't blame God nor anybody for the pain we experience. instead, welcome it, accept it, and everything will fall into place.

as i look back on all the things i went through, i just thank God that inspite of everything, am still here. i survived... He, indeed, won't give me anything i cannot bear. i have forgiven all who may have hurt me, one way or another, in the past. i no longer bear any grudges, these things aren't for me to hold in my heart, but should be left and lifted up to God. He knows what's
best. God's plan is always the best.

yes, of course it is not easy to get hurt and be in pain. but if not for all those bad things i went through, i won't be as strong and and as wise as i am now. cliche as it may seem, but things really do happen for a reason. i may not know yet all the reasons now, but soon enough i know i will. whatever those reasons are, am sure that God is just taking care of me and putting me in my rightful place.

and to you who has always been there... i know that you aren't a patient person, that's why it still remains a puzzle to me how you are able to still be there. maybe it's meant to be that way? or we're meant? love? devotion? obssession? hehe.... just joking. i don't know... i will never know what the future holds for us just as yet. but i thank you for everything... with all my heart. am truly grateful to have you in my life. as i've said before, despite of all the pains we went through, i wouldn't want to change a single thing that happened, because if i do, i may not ever find my way to you....


lorela said...


together again!

goodluck, guys!


may said...


meeya said...

ako naman, i have always loved this song and i said to myself na when get married, this will HAVE to be our wedding song (kahit sino pa man mapangasawa ko, hindi siya pwede umangal, haha!). hayun, it became one of our wedding songs (we had three - this one, which was my choice, his choice (the original one by For Real), and ours :D).

*sorry, these were the only vids i could find on youtube na medyo maayos, the rest puro wannabes, haha!

LiQuiDfiRe said...

thanks meeya for sharing your wedding songs! :)

i like those songs too. i got to listen only to the last 2 though coz the first link didnt work. it went to a page of a whole lotta vids.