Sunday, September 02, 2007

i never was a believer of horoscopes, but i find it amusing to read them. at times, i just read them for the sake of entertainment. i try to see if it matches with whats really happening in my life. there are times it does. i duno if thats just coincidence. but anyway, i find what i read today inspiring:

The Star card suggests that my alter ego today is the Goddess, whose superpower for rising to the occasion lies in my innate ability for inspiration. I will pursue my dreams and what makes me happy -- life's too short. I will allow time for me today. I may even get my fifteen minutes of fame by seeking recognition from others and striving to sparkle in the limelight. I am immortal! Sometimes it's better to burn out than just fade away. Find your cosmic groove, and go for it!

well thats according to my daily tarot reading. i believe though that life is too short to be wasted on what ifs and what couldve beens...

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