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happy weekend  

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so much to write... so little time... so sad.... :( hmmm.... there are actually alota things i wanna write but i dont have the time i used to have before when i was still a bum. i even told my bestfriend this afternoon how i used to have all the time in my hands, i can just run to la union if i want to. but now, no more. i got alota things to do and i cant even squeeze em all in my schedule like personal favors for friends, things i need to buy, places i need to go to, people i need to meet, and a whole lota bunch. but now am happy coz its a long weekend. :) happy, happy, happy!!! and yes, am going to la union! :)

i always plan to write something before i go to sleep but i just cant. when i go home, all i know is that i just want to sleep. my brain seems so drained of all the words that am supposed to write in here. work zaps out all the words and memories in my brains. i know my co-workers share the same sentiments. quota, quota, quota... thats actually my brain ticking at work. hay... am glad i finished one article before i sleep and make that trip to la union. lest i will hear my brain tick again while picking out shells from the beaches of bauang. not my idea of unwinding...

hope i sleep well for a nice long bus ride this morning....

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