Monday, September 03, 2007

identical rings

i dont know why people started having identical rings. in the first place, even if a person is already married, he or she, but usually its he does not really wear it. how even sure are you that your better half is wearing your ring? i had worn identical rings before and it has served me a little too well though. twice.

theres just one thing i realized... when your better half starts not to wear your ring or he/she doesnt wear your ring at all (he/she maybe just wears it when youre together), it just means that he/she is just not into you. in my experience, when i used to wear an identical ring, i wasnt afraid to be mistaken married even though i was not. for me, people who dont want to wear the ring are those who still like to attract other people. that just means you must let them go...

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