Thursday, September 13, 2007

back to work!

after a two day hiatus, i am now back at work. i was sick with a fever that doesnt want to come out. by that, i mean a fever that only i can feel. i feel my eyes and breath are hot, but when i or another person feels my skin or forehead, its normal. weird... i still felt so damn sick though. my head was even aching the whole night of sunday that i wasn't able to sleep well. hay...

anyway, now am back at work, and back to writing again. my TL is not around today. i guess shes gettn back at me and another co-worker who wasn't able to go to work yesterday as well. hehe... hmmm.... anyway, she deserves a break. it has been so many times she said before that she wont come to work the next day, but she still does. i guess she loves the job. and i know, as much as the entire working populace in our company knows, its just the company itself that she and all of us cant seem to love. tsk... tsk.... tsk... what a pity.... the working relationship that we developed is so great. it is hard to see those people you value go, one after the other. or at times a group of people go all at once. sad...

enough of the drama chuvaness! i just cant forget the coincidence that happened today at work. i was surprised when i read the first topic i was supposed to write for the day: "The Engagment Ring." bwahahaha! i cant help but to laugh. it was just a few journal writings ago, i wrote about identical rings. and there i was this morning, starting to write about engagement rings. oh, life! does this mean something or am i just paranoid? is it telling me that i am really attached to rings? hahaha! that i will soon wear one again? nah! am happy to be single for now, or even forever. it doesnt matter, as long as am happy with my life. trulili!!! and i do hope the next time i will ever wear one again, if i ever will, be the last. its hard to wear different rings every now and then you know!

although the ambience at work is kinda gloomy today, just like the weather, am still glad to be back. i still feel the warmth of the people i came to bond with and learned to love. so, as long as theyre there, i guess am gona be just fine. when they go, then who knows whats next?

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