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si cha-cha, ang peborit kong bulilit  

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i can't get over this advertisement that every time it's being shown on tv, i can't help but to smile, laugh, and say.... "awwww, ang kyut-kyuuuut!" hehe.... i bet you do too. i even found out a while ago that there's already a fan group/page in facebook called "bulilit," which was created for the cute little girl in the ad named cha-cha (which i found out from facebook too). of course, i added myself as a fan. hihi... :)

hmmmm.... ang sarap mo i-uwi bata ka! sana 'wag ka na lumaki... hehehe...

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aawww... ako rin gustong gusto ko yung commercial na yun. pati si kayla gumagaya lol...

May 19, 2009 at 7:11 PM

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