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"home" by michael buble  

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another summer day
has come and gone away
in paris and rome
but i wanna go home

may be surrounded by
a million people i
still feel all alone
i just wanna go home
oh, i miss you, you know

and i’ve been keeping all the letters that i wrote to you
each one a line or two
“i’m fine baby, how are you?”
well i would send them but i know that it’s just not enough
my words were cold and flat
and you deserve more than that

another aeroplane
another sunny place
i’m lucky, i know
but i wanna go home
mmmm, i’ve got to go home

let me go home
i’m just too far from where you are
i wanna come home

and i feel just like i’m living someone else’s life
it’s like i just stepped outside
when everything was going right
and i know just why you could not
come along with me
'cause this was not your dream
but you always believed in me

another winter day has come
and gone away
in even paris and rome
and i wanna go home
let me go home

and i’m surrounded by
a million people i
still feel all alone
oh, let me go home
oh, i miss you, you know

let me go home
i’ve had my run
baby, i’m done
i gotta go home
let me go home
it will all be all right
i’ll be home tonight
i’m coming back home

sometimes, in life, we just want to go home. not just the literal meaning of it. at times it's more of going home to your own self. we want to be taken away from the busy, stressful world and the pressures of life. we want to find comfort, familiarity, love, rest...

i find myself in that kind of situation every now and then. nobody can be much too strong not to find time to take a pause. i have to have time to be just me as "me" and take even just a short time off from being "me" as daughter, or "me" as niece, or "me" as employee, and everything else there is.

maybe this is also why i love songs that talk about going home or simply just about "home..." i am not really a michael buble fan, but when i heard this song, i just cant help but to like it, love it even. i guess i had, and still continue to have, a few comings and goings in my life that hearing this song instantly touches the deepest part of who i am.

purple dreams and lavender wishes on your birthday....

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