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going home... my other home, i mean (la union trip)  

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just got back from a very tiring but fulfilling vacation from way up north. fulfilling because i went to a place i have never been before, which is an add-up to my chest of travel memories. this entry will probably be just an intro to a series of posts about my trip. i don't think i can squeeze everything into just one blogging, specially the pictures. :)

it was just a tentative plan i had in mind to visit my bestfriend and my "inaanak" in san fernando, la union for the 3-day weekend of may 1-3, since the last time i went there was january of last year. i told her i might also be bringing my mom with me. when i mentioned the plan to my bestfriend, she got all excited and planned for even another trip for us going to pagudpud in ilocos norte. she has never been there too and she wants to tag along tarko, her son and my "inaanak," on that trip as a treat for him because she will be receiving her payment for some writing assignments she did. well, well, well... what a vacation will that be for me!?! hmmm...

in spite of the tiring scenario playing in my mind, i still decided to make that trip to la union. i definitely need some time away. we all need that from time to time. i remember a quote that my bestfriend shared with me some time ago: "the farther you are from home, the closer you are to yourself." something like that... i forgot who said it though, but i never forget that quote. i guess it's because it is so true. sometimes we need to get out of our shells and explore, rejuvenate, live life to the fullest... because when we do this, we get to know ourselves much better. so, i went away from home... to go to to my other home. i guess la union has always been my refuge and it has saved my sanity far too many times and helped me know and love myself a whole lot better.

and so on thursday night (april 30), i was set to leave manila with my mom. she got to the bus station ahead of me since i was coming from makati, then she texted me that the bus station is already fully-booked. good thing that she was there early so we can look for other options. i immediately texted her back, telling her that she can go to the nearby bus station to check. good enough, the other bus station offers extra buses for those who weren't able to reserve ahead of time. yes, i wasn't able to reserve since i was not sure if i was going or not. it was all fine, i think you aren't a real traveler if you haven't experienced these kinda stuff. all went well, and i didn't care if i had to wait for a few hours just to get a ride. so off to la union we went at 9pm.

it felt like a quick bus ride even if i didn't really sleep that much. i did doze off for very short naps from time to time, but i can't sleep longer. i even envied my mom for she slept for the most part of the trip. i guess that's what's good in traveling at night. you hardly feel the length of travel time.

at about 3am on may 1st, we set foot at the familiar plaza in san fernando city, where almost all ilocos bound buses stop to drop off and pick up passengers. then we took a tricycle ride to my bestfriend's house. and since it was already very late, or let's just say it was already morning, we just hit the sack after short rounds of pleasantries.

the next day we just stayed in the house the whole day to prepare for our trip to ilocos the next day, except for a quick trip to the store to buy ice cream for tarko. we went to an ice cream store aptly named "ice cream house." very literal huh? hehe... then my mom got on an ice cream frenzy once again and bought a half gallon of vanilla ice cream, half gallon of strawberry ice cream, and another half gallon of buco leche flan ice cream. ooops! it doesn't stop there. she also bought, i think a dozen of ice bucos or ice cream sticks. am not really sure coz i never tried them. i just tried the vanilla ice cream (since it's my favorite) and the buco leche flan ice cream (coz i've never tasted it).

before the day ended, we witnessed a traditional procession of santa cruzan, i think. or was it flores de mayo? but i hardly caught the procession to shoot decent pictures. so i only got this....

but! i did catch a nice view from the terrace.... this....

and this...

and most specially, the cutest face i love and miss...

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waaaa, pati pala itong super duper kismwah ko pinost! ahahahaha :)

May 6, 2009 at 8:53 PM

syemps! cute nga e. :)

May 7, 2009 at 8:07 AM

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