Wednesday, January 20, 2010

of changing life and travels...

i haven't really gone out of the country or rode a plane. the farthest i've gone to was baguio and vigan in the north, and bicol in the south. all those trips i took by land. so during the start of the year last year, i vowed to myself that i will travel more often. well... as often as my budget permits anyway. hehe... it's about time.... well, "it is long overdue" would be a better way to say it.

i must admit that it's kinda hard for me to spend hard-earned cash even for my own self. i hardly even buy things for myself. it's easier for me to spend for others though. i know, weird. and don't ask me why coz i don't know too. i guess that's just the way i am. it's easier for me to buy for people i love and care about rather than spending my money on myself. but i know i want to travel and want to visit as much places as i can in this lifetime. and of course, it is not just a question of the willingness to do it but also the amount of money that goes along with it. traveling isn't cheap you know... so hopefully, if the good Lord permits and if it is His plan, i know i will go places. i don't know how, but if He wills it, it will happen.

and so, my friend and i started to plan for a hong kong trip midyear of last year. it was kinda hard to look for a good travel agent/agency. it's either they don't have the rates yet, or they just claim that they don't, or they are just too lazy to compute. i don't know.... maybe they just don't see a meager 4-person package tour client as an income that they can afford to lose and ignore us. whew! after a kinda looong search, of inquiries and emails that were never responded to, i ended up with my company's agent.... yes, really! imagine?!!! having gone to so many agents only to end up with them. i could've just gone to them first and saved all those time searching. hay.... out-of-the-country-travel-virgin dilemma... i know. anyhow, things were finalized by november. thankfully... the only sad part was that my friend's mom wouldn't be able to join us since she will be busy on the dates we got for our trip. those were the only dates available since it was peak season. but after all the hassles and bumps along the way, me, my mom, and my friend were off to hong kong on the 28th of december....


at our hotel lobby (royal pacific towers)

syempre san pa ba? ocean park. di ba obvious? hehe... with my peborit dolphins of course.
mapapalampas ko ba ito???

a boat sailing at victoria harbor; the five towers of the hotel where we stayed with beautiful christmas lights. we stayed on the 5th tower; a view of our hotel from the small bridge going to the park.


cute little pink stitch on my friend's head. ;)

so stitches like to eat heads huh??? uhm... that didn't sound right. hehe...

just like that and am not an out-of-the-country-travel-virgin no more! not that am complaining... am sure that there will be more adventures to come. well... too soon in fact that i was off to guam before i can even shake the hong kong hype from my system. but that's another story.... :)


Truth Is Mine said...

i'm really happy for you, Gail. keep on enjoying your time :D

LiQuiDfiRe said...

thanks les.... :)