Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i finally did it!

it's been ages since i last cut my hair real short. i think it's more than 5 years already. it's also been so long i've been itching to snip my hair short again. for a new look, new aura, new everything... though i really want to change my look every now and then, my laziness to go to the salon leaves me to just a one length, straight long hair look for years. so i end up looking the same for years, a trim every now and then, till i finally get that time and chance for a trip to a good salon. by good salon, i mean that which can really provide totally satisfying services. well ya, there are way so many good salons around, but i really haven't found "the one" for me (naks! parang syota lang e no?). as they say in the vernacular, "yung hiyang sa'yo." i believe that you really have to find not just that salon, but also the right stylist for you. and i think i finally have found mine.

i read about abel pineda in niña sandejas' old blog. abel is niña's hairstylist, i guess for years now. he's the one responsible for niña's ever changing cool hairstyles. a satisfied customer, she made a facebook fan page for him and posted pictures of some of his creations. i've always admired niña's hairstyles and her total style as well. what can you expect from a great fashion stylist? but then again, when i saw the haircuts that abel did and are posted on his fan page, i had that strong feeling that he maybe is "the one" i am looking for. and indeed he is!

aside from niña, abel's clients include rockstars, djs, and the like. oh and another thing, abel won in a hairstyling competition in the country (that which brought him to london) and guess in what category? rebellious phase (the categories are named after the various phases of life). ahihihi! :)

after a long day at the salon last saturday, my friend and i deserved a reward since we didn't really have an appropriate lunch because we were at the salon from 12noon to 5pm. yes, 5hours! but it's truly worth it! :D

ice cream anyone?

pistachio ice cream and strawberry sorbet at gelatone, greenbelt3

we also had a veggie sandwich, but we weren't able to take a picture of it. we ate it as soon as it was served. hehe...

abel is with razzle dazzle salon in rada street, makati city. i wanted to post some pictures from his fan page but i don't know whom to credit. so just check out abel pineda's fan page at facebook.


and after

yes... abel does long hairs too, and even curls at that. ;)


barok said...

well, i love your new do!

LiQuiDfiRe said...

thanks barok! :)