Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my mommy

i think i never blogged about my mom. i don't know why though. i've even blogged 'bout my tita more than her. anyhow, now is the time, i guess...

i remember, i grew up going out with my mom every weekends. we usually go to the mall. but as time went by, our weekend dates became less and less. it was because of quite a few reasons. one, for example, is that i grew up and going to the mall is not that much of an excitement anymore for a teener exploding with curiosity and wanting to conquer the world and experience everything she can. i had other things going around in my life. and as i was growing up, there were things i prioritized more, which i later realized were just trivial things.

although i know that i should've always put more importance to my mom and my time with her, i also don't think i would've come to realize that fact if i did not go through some things in my life. i am also lucky enough to have a mom who is patient and kind. she is the kindest, in fact. and although she didn't fall short of reminders, advices, guidance, and all, she was never a nag or dictated me on what i should do. she just let me be and well... just let me grow up and learn things on my own.

lately, even how much mom and i want to go out as often as we used to, we just suffice ourselves with once in a while dates and bonding moments. before my mom had her 3 major operations, she wasn't able to stand long walks anymore. and even after she had those operations, she still finds it hard to walk since her hip bones are already artificial. and to add to that, she was also diagnosed with asthma and enlargement of the heart a few years ago. and i guess, of course, she is older now. she needs and wants to rest at times, specially when she was still working.

now, mommy is officially a retiree. although we still can't go gimiks and mallings very often, she has plenty of time for rest to gear up for our next escapade. i notice that mom is really excited nowadays to go out. she even agreed to an out of the country vacation, which wouldn't likely happen when i was still younger. she was a workaholic to the bone. as in! i even once told her that we could've gone to many places before, if she wasn't only too focused on work. but i guess mom had no choice then. she raised me singlehandedly.

since mom has also gone through so much in life, it's just about time for her to enjoy. she deserves all the best things in life. i hope i can give her more than what she has given me and i pray to God that He gives us longer time to be together here on earth. i don't want anything more than a great, if not the best life for my mom and the longest she can get.

happy birthday mommy! i am nothing without you... i love you so much.

mommy tasting the cheese fondue, me posing with the five cows boxes... hehe...

tuna sandwich and fish and chips (hindi kse kami mahilig sa isda e... ;p)

text on the balloons says "national banana split day," akalain mo... meron palang ganun???


Anonymous said...

wow... pumapayat ka na! inggit ako :(
happy birthday kay mommy. lets celebrate again when i get there :D

bff said...

momsi, labs yu much - from tarkong and mommy lala :D

bes, i'm so happy!!! ang payat mo na!!! go, go, go!!!

at finally, food pics. :)

LiQuiDfiRe said...

pagkatapos sabihing payat, biglang... food pics. ahahaha!