Friday, July 24, 2009

the preacher in blue jeans

if there's one preacher that i admire, it's the preacher in blue jeans, bo sanchez. his preaching is something that is just right. it isn't telling you what a bad person you are, but instead helps you to be a better one. bo is the kind that just shows you the way and guide you, not commands you to do things. no wonder, he is endeared by so many people now that his seminars and talks extend to even as far as the u. s.

i came to know about bo sanchez through reading the "kerygma" magazine when i was younger. my tita had a subscription then and she almost kinda coerced me to read it, telling me that i should read it so i can pick up some lessons and stuff. being religious, tita didn't just let me read religious/inspirational magazines or books, she also reprimands me when i miss sunday mass or encourage (almost to the point of commanding, actually) everybody to pray the rosary everyday, and that also means all the mysteries, all twenty of them. yes, twenty, and not fifteen. it was from my tita that i first found out about the additional mysteries. the new additional five mysteries are called luminous mysteries, alongside with the old ones, joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries.

now, 'bout more than twenty years later, i didn't know i would still be reading, listening, and even watching bo sanchez. although i am not reading "kerygma" anymore, it is already available online if i want to. a friend even gifted me with one of bo's books on one of my birthdays. it was a nice read and i plan to read one of his books again.

and since i am a member of bo's fan page on facebook, this morning i found out about videos on this site called it's good to know that i can be able to watch his talks on the net already because i hardly catch them on tv. the first video i watched reminded me of one of the things why i like bo sanchez. men who really speak well are rare! am not just talking about making sense, but how how well you enunciate your spoken words. amen? amen!!!

(i couldn't put the video within this post as it destroys my blog's format. but i still want to share this nice video about one of bo sanchez's talks about "How to Develop a Postive Mindset." this video is the part about "How to Love Yourself.")

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