Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GMA Network Evades Issue, Confuses Public by: Gary Granada



Concerning GMA Network’s simple-minded iwas-pusoy position that the issue is
rather between me and a fellow composer, let me reiterate my argument for the
nth time:

GMA Network is the producer and broadcaster of the jingle. They should be
“man enough” as a respectable corporate entity to take professional
corporate responsiblity. Even minuscule organizations have the most basic of
self-respect to say, for instance,

“Our attention has been called regarding such and such.. and we shall look
into the matter seriously and immediately, exhaust all avenues to give all
parties a fair hearing and determine our course of action accordingly.”

For such a huge media organization, surely they could find one scriptwriter who
knows how to write a respectable corporate statement. Again, I find this tack of
Atty. Dick Perez wily and most insulting to our elementary intelligence.

I have no issues whatsoever with the other composer. For all we know, she was
merely following instructions. Much as I don’t like this particular work of
hers, I neither suspect nor presume guilt on her part. Hell, everybody has a bad
hair day, and I also make lousy songs at times. But that is not the issue here.

Again and again, my claim is: GMA Network took advantage of the study I made in
producing the jingle they aired. If that is not clear enough, let me itemize it:

ONE: GMA Network allowed the composer of Procter & Gamble’s 3pid Handog
Edukasyon jingle access to the lyrics as set to music by Gary Granada.

TWO: And quite possibly, GMA Network allowed the composer of Procter &
’s 3pid Handog Edukasyon jingle access to the recording of the study
made by Gary Granada.


And so, in the spirit of honesty and social accountability, and to facilitate
an intelligent discourse, I challenge GMA Network to a "walang
kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan" public forum concerning my claim, and
request the Philippine Daily Inquirer to organize one to be moderated by the
University of the Philippines.

Gary Granada


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Gary Granada vs GMA Kapuso by dosomethingworthwhile

audio courtesy of: http://www.filipinovoices.com/gary-granada-versus-gma-kapuso

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