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lala tagged me!  

Posted by LiQuiDfiRe

i was tagged by lala and its the first time am going to do this on my blog... hehe....

A. Attached or single ? — single yata... pwede bang in between? ahahaha....
B. Best friend? — lala
C. Cake or pie? — cake
D. Day of choice? — any day i feel good.. ;p
E. Essential item? — cant live without a small towel that serves as my hanky
F. Favorite color? — green
G. Gummy bears or worms? — i eat both, pero dahil mas cute ang gummy bears, e gummy bears na lang
H. Hometown? — manila
I. Favorite indulgence? — ngayon wala akong maisip... siguro relaxing at conspi every friday night or listening to noel every wednesday at conspi pa rin :D
J. January or July? — january kse start of the year at birthay ni lala... bwehehehe....
K. Kids? — though i dont have any, i do love kids. actually, thats an understatement... i go gaga over em.. ahahaha
L. Life isn’t complete without? — mom
M. Marriage date ? — huh? not really a big deal
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - used to have a readers digest subscription but the agent sucked so we just cut it off
O. Orange or apple? — gusto ko both e
P. Phobias? —- heights
Q. Quotes? — dami... but heres one: ""life is a continuous process of living and learning, longing and losing, with loving and laughing filling the gaps in between...." and i forget where i got that one. ;p
R. Reasons to smile? — mom, my cute na cute na inaanak "tarko," a chat with friends over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer or a glass of wine (any drinkable liquid will do... hehe), going to the beach, looking forward to some occasions, reunions and travels, eating fries and chicken nuggets over a good movie while lounging on the sofa, stuffed flowers with smiley faces, julius the monkey's face as my pillows at night, oinky poinky the pinky pig, a rabbit from new orleans that loves me, and many, many things... as ive said in my other entry, i have so many reasons to smile about and am thankful for those. :)

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S. Season of choice? — summer, but if theres a fall in pinas, gusto ko fall :)
T. Tag 5 people - seeker of happiness, dyezebel, blogera ako, chuva of the chenes, and arnessang
U. Unknown fact about me? - uhmmm, madami din. things that people very close to me would know about. hehe....
V. Vegetable ? — everything
W. Worst habit? — hmm, proscrastination sounds befitting hehehe<<<<<>>>>>same here... ahehehe
X. X-ray or ultrasound? - kahit ano. whatevers needed
Y. Your favorite food(s)? - dami... but lately i like eating at cyma
Z. Zodiac sign — virgin... este, virgo pala...

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