Wednesday, September 03, 2008

bangles galore and more!

when i was starting with my multiply account, one of my first contacts is baubles, bangles, & beads. this very creative and artistic group was and still is being featured in television and magazines. i dont really remember though if i saw it on tv or read bout it then, but i was really interested in the designs even though i am not really that fond of bangles. so, i added the group up in my contact list. although that was kinda long time ago, it was only in july of this year that i made my first order.

it was very hard for me to choose from the many cool and funky designs. it was also hard to trim down my many choices into just 3 pieces of bangles. what helped me make my decision? well, 2 of those bangles were gifts to friends, so i just thought of what they like. then, the other one was for me. that was kinda hard to decide though coz there were really sooooo many designs that i so fancy... hay.... but anyhow, i just chose the same design with one of the 2 bangles i have already chosen. anywayz, what the heck with all the chenelyn, churva, and eklavu of dilemma... :D theres always next time. hopefully, i will be able to buy every design that i want. hehe.... besides, its not anymore only bangles or beads that i can buy. now, baubles, bangles, & beads also sells the same artistic, hand-made creations in the form of bags and shoeseseses! hehehe....

i am very much satisfied with my bangle purchase. twas really also a very good first time online purchase experience in multiply. its very easy to deal with baubles, bangles, and beads, and that i believe, is because of pao's undeniable charisma. ahehehe! sana naman pao, one of these days e ma-meet ko, hindi lang ikaw, but all of you great people behind baubles, bangles, & beads.

am so looking forward to my next purchase... :)

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theleavesoftarkong said...

hey, churva! nyahahaha. im glad you're SO back with blogging, nyahahaha. :)