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surprise shower party.... a real surprise! ;p  

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the surprise shower party last night for kleng was a real surprise not just for her but also for me. i dont know with the other guests, but i am completely clueless about the details of the said party since the day i was invited by another friend who organized it. well, i am even clueless about the wedding itself until last night when i finally got the invitation. hehe.... grabe! ika nga ng isa pang kaibigan.... kaladkarin din kse ako, go lang ng go! kahit pa may sakit na ko't lahat, adun pa rin ako. ganyan ko kamahal si kleng... :D

anywayz... we really enjoyed the night. we were successful in making the party not just a surprise, but a happy and meaningful event for kleng. i guess most of her very special girlfriends were present. we all connived and converged in a salon owned by one of kleng's friend, while another friend is luring her to go to the said place. o di ba? pagtulungan ba si kleng??? buti na lang, even though kleng felt that something aint right when they were on the way to the salon, our surprise was not really spoiled. na-surprise naman nga sya talaga. kaya lang, kaming mga naghihintay naman, namumuti na ang mga mata sa gutom dahil pagkatagal-tagal dumating ng lola! hay! namemorize ko na nga ata lahat ng designs ng nail art dun sa salon eh wala pa rin ang bruha! if i only had enough money, i might have gotten my nails done. nakakatuwa kse ang mga designs, promise!

as soon as kleng arrived, after the hi's, hello's, and beso-besos, lafangan na agad dahil gutom na ang lahat. then kleng was also treated with a whole salon pampering experience. i think her friend who owns the salon was responsible for that because she cant be on the wedding day itself. o ha? ang tindi bumawi no? :D at ako naman, mejo photographer ang drama, taking pictures here and there.

i have taken pictures of one of the cutest cakes ive ever seen. at siguro eh kayo din. si kleng nga di napigilan na isubo sya, ang kyut-kyut kse.... the guests naman didnt really touch it. ayaw nila siguro masira ang kakyutan ng cake.

instead, we ate the other cake, which is a birthday cake for our friend who organized the event. and in fairness, masarap sya talaga at ubos na ubos.

in its entirety, masayang-masaya naman ang lahat... i guess except for the dancer they hired. kse naman, kahit game si kleng,

ang iba namang mga kababaihan eh takbuhan ng takbuhan at ayaw malapitan at magilingan ng matipunong katawan ni chinky boy macho dancer!

hehe.... pero malas lang ng isa dahil nahuli sya at napatungan. itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang... ruffa mae quinto. hehe.... may ebidensya pa nga eh.... ;p

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