Sunday, May 27, 2007

KaalagaD, McDonald's and I

In October of last year, I remember reading an email from Manong Gary (Granada) which was posted on various yahoogroups that we both belong to. It was about how McDonald’s disrespected him and other Kaalagad members while the group was carrying out their mission and concern regarding the environment. I was surprised about how a multinational company like McDonald’s could even do such a thing. I also forwarded that email to my friends, who are even more astonished than I was. They too, could not believe how such a very well known company can easily push people aside, judge harshly and not take people seriously. Isn’t it ironic that they are a customer service based company and that dealing with people should be one of their strengths and expertise?

Further more, after a few days, Manong Gary posted yet another email. It was a letter sent to him by McDonald’s PR agent and his reply to this letter as well. Based on the facts that I read, I do agree with Manong Gary. McDonald’s treated Kaalagad like a PR problem they should deal with, when all they were asking was for them to lend an ear and take a stand for an environmental cause which is the least that each and everyone of us can do if we want to wake up the next day and still have our own planet to live in. Unless you would want to move to Mars or something…

I have forgotten about all those emails until early this year, in one of those semi-regular Noel Cabangon giggin’ and drinkn’ night rendezvous at Conspiracy, when Manong Gary invited me to join Kaalagad. I told him that I would not know what I can do to help the group. Besides, I never knew about Kaalagad and its causes before and never even planned nor imagined to be a part of something like it. Although I have really been pondering for a while already about what I can do for my country and this world and do things of worthy cause, I never considered myself capable. I guess, being at Conspi, surrounded by very radical individuals who fight firm with their beliefs and who have done and proven a great whole lot not just for themselves but for our country as well, I felt kind of unworthy and a mere novice in this arena.

Honestly, I was surprised when Manong Gary considered me to become a Kaalagad. But then I am also thankful because he never judged me, that I cannot do anything or that I don’t know anything. He took me to one of their meetings right there and then. And from there it all started, I became a Kaalagad. Just as simple as that… For me, it was an answered wish and prayer. Little did I know that from reading those McDonald’s battles, would also lead me to become one of their warriors. Slowly, I am learning and finding my place not just within the group but in this world as well. It is good to know and feel that I can help even in my own little way and that I am doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

Up to this date, McDonald’s still has not taken a stand. They said that they have made a move because they have changed a majority of their food containers to paper/carton already. And the only styro containers that they use are mainly for the breakfast meals. But that is not good enough… If you know that you can do something to help, however simple or grand it may be, would you bargain to save the only world that you live in? Or would you just do it without questions asked?

CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) released in the atmosphere depletes the ozone layer in a very, very fast rate. The ozone layer protects the earth and living things from the very harmful ultraviolet rays, which causes cataracts and skin cancer…

Think about it…

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